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Cancer and Supportive Care Resources

Social Worker, Nurse Navigator and Aboriginal Navigator Resources

Cancer often impacts more than just your physical health. You may find that it affects other areas of your, such as self-image, family relationships, work and friendships. A Nurse Navigator and Social Worker are available to you at Northumberland Hills Hospital from cancer diagnosis and treatment to survivorship. For patients with Aboriginal cultural needs, an Aboriginal Navigator is available through the Central East Regional Cancer Program.

Helping you along the pathway to wellness following a cancer diagnosis, the Nurse Navigator, Social Worker and Aboriginal Navigator can offer support through:

What is a Social Worker?

A social worker specializes in looking at your health from the perspective of physical, emotional, social and mental wellbeing.

How Can a Social Worker Help Me?

Some questions or concerns you might have…

"I can’t seem to shut my brain off and I am having trouble sleeping at night"

"I am concerned about my family; I don’t want to worry them"

What is a Nurse Navigator?

The Nurse Navigator’s role is to work with you by connecting you with information and resources to help you make informed decisions about your care.

How Can a Nurse Navigator Help Me?

How Can an Aboriginal Navigator Help Me?

Nurse Navigator:

Kim Baxter
905-372-6811 ext: 3021

Social Worker:

Amy Eriksson
905-372-6811 ext: 3213
Pager: 1-844-820-8601

Aboriginal Navigator:

Kathy MacLeod Beaver
905-576-8711, ext: 2554 OR
1-866-338-1778 ext: 2554