Virtual Care at NHH

NHH utilizes the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) platform to provide specialized services for patients close to home, while reducing wait times.

The OTN, one of the largest telemedicine networks in the world, uses two-way videoconferencing to provide access to care for patients in hospitals and other health care locations in a manner that is efficient and accessible for both the patient and the provider. Current services include, but are not limited to, follow-up fracture clinic appointments, psychiatry consults, addiction medicine, and NHH-hosted OTN clinics.

A hosted OTN clinic allows physicians from outside Northumberland to connect with patients virtually at NHH. Patients are seen at NHH, with support from a trained Registered Nurse who completes the physical assessments on behalf of the virtual physician.

Consultation Services Offered Through Virtual Care

Please see below for a list of virtual services currently being offered through NHH.

Dr. Vanda McNiven, MD, MSc, FRCPC

Dr. Shawn Shao, MD, CM, PhD, FRCPC

Provide consultations to diagnose and treat genetic disorders and conditions for all ages from newborns to elderly populations. Although there are currently only a few rare genetic diseases that can be cured, an accurate diagnosis can assist with disease management, prognosis, and family planning. Reasons for referral include, but are not limited to, intellectual disability/autism, multiple congenital anomalies, and suspected genetic types of neurological (e.g., movement disorders, epilepsy), cardiovascular (e.g., HCM, aortic dissection), endocrine (e.g., MODY, CAH), and ocular (e.g., RP) conditions.

We are not currently accepting referrals for Cancer Genetics, Prenatal Genetics, Huntington disease, and Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Please refer to page 2 of the referral form for suggestions as to other Genetics centres where these referrals should be directed.

​Clinical Telemedicine Consult Request Form

Dr. Karen Ho, MD FRCP(C) Neurology

Dr. Courtney Anne Scott, BScH, MSc, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Scott and Dr. Ho will provide consultations, initial follow ups, and will make referrals for ongoing care as needed.

Appropriate referrals include but are not limited to:

  • Stroke/TIA (Testing: ECG, MRI or CT, carotid ultrasound, or CTA)
  • MS/demyelination (Testing: MRI)
  • Seizure/epilepsy (Testing: MRI and EEG)
  • Headaches/migraine; Vertigo/dizziness; Parkinson’s/Movement disorders

Referrals that are not appropriate for urgent virtual neurology clinic include:

  • Pediatric patients (under 18)
  • Neuromuscular issues (neuropathy etc.)
  • Concussion
  • Dementia
  • Established chronic condition already diagnosed/treated/followed by a neurologist

Electroencephalography (EEG) analyzes brain waves and can be used to help diagnose certain disorders such as seizures. EEGs and Sleep Deprived EEGs are completed approximately one day per month at NHH for patients 18 years and older. Please see attached requisition and patient information handout.

EEG Requisition Form

​Clinical Telemedicine Consult Request Form

Dr Jason An MD, MSc, FRCPC

Provides consultation and follow up care. Appropriate referrals include inflammatory arthritis, connective tissue disease, vasculitis, spondyloarthropathy, autoinflammatory diseases, or other systemic inflammatory diseases. Referrals that will not be accepted include chronic pain, osteoarthritis, mechanical back pain without imaging evidence of sacroiliitis, or elevated ANA/RF without any clinical signs of inflammation.

​Clinical Telemedicine Consult Request Form


Provider referrals are required. Referring providers may fax OTN referrals for the following directly to NHH at 905-373-6972, care of the OTN Coordinator. Use the NHH Clinical Telemedicine Consult Request form below.

For Referrals
Phone: 905-372-6811 ext 3050
Fax: 905-373-6972
​Clinical Telemedicine Consult Request Form

For all virtual appointments please register with your health card 15-20 min prior to your appointment at the main registration. Please bring a current list of medications with dosages to your appointment.

To ask questions regarding your virtual appointment or to cancel/reschedule, call 905-372-6811 ext. 3050. Please provide at least 48 business hours notice.