Ambulatory Care

Reaching Out

Changes in modern medicine are having a dramatic impact on hospitals, the services and programs they provide, and the tools and facilities they require to deliver those services effectively. More and more procedures can be performed today on an outpatient basis to improve outcomes for patients.

Providing access to a range of outpatient clinics, the Ken Goodwin Ambulatory Care Unit is continually evolving to meet the needs of the Northumberland region. In addition to general medicine and general surgery clinics, minor surgery and pre-operative clinics, Ambulatory Care Clinics at NHH include:

With a centrally located reception and waiting area, consultation and procedure rooms, and the latest medical equipment, the Ken Goodwin Ambulatory Care Unit is designed to enhance the outpatient experience.


For general information about NHH’s Ambulatory Care services, or to ask a question about an upcoming appointment, contact the Ambulatory Care Unit directly at 905-372-6811, ext. 3063.  For concerns or other inquiries, please contact the Patient Care Manager at: 905-372-6811 ext. 4251.

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