Inpatient Rehabilitation

Stepping Forward

Northumberland Hills Hospital's 18-bed Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit is designed to help patients achieve individualized goals following a stroke, major surgery such as a hip or knee replacement or a traumatic injury.

A multidisciplinary team of health care workers forms the backbone of the Unit. From nursing staff, rehabilitation therapists and physicians to social workers, discharge planners and dietitians, these committed professionals are by your side every step of the way.

Wide doors and hallways for wheelchair access, sliding bathroom doors in patient rooms and other assisted living devices all help to make the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit a great place to step forward on the road to recovery.

Dedicated services within the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit include physiotherapy, occupational therapy and recreational therapy, as well as speech language therapy. With a satellite gymnasium for rehabilitation patients, group exercise classes, a dining room, and access to the hospital's therapeutic gardens, the Rehabilitation Unit is fully devoted to patient recovery.


For further information on Inpatient Rehabilitation services at NHH, please contact the Patient Care Manager at: 905-372-6811 ext. 7785.

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