Post-Acute Specialty Services (PASS)

Restorative Care
Opened on March 1, 2011, the 16-bed Restorative Care unit is specially designed for adults who are no longer in the acute phase of an illness but do not yet have the strength or independence necessary to safely return home. Using the strengths of a team of professional health care providers, Restorative Care addresses each patient's unique physical, emotional and social health needs through specialized nursing care, physiotherapy, recreational therapy, occupational therapy and speech language therapy.

Inpatient Rehabilitation
Northumberland Hills Hospital's 18-bed Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit is designed to help patients achieve individualized goals following a stroke, major surgery such as a hip or knee replacement or a traumatic injury.

Palliative Care
Northumberland Hills Hospital's Speechley Palliative Care Unit is designed to accommodate patients and their families when disease is not responsive to curative treatment.