Shared Challenge, Shared Solution

NHH’s first Citizens’ Advisory Panel concluded its work in January 2010, and submitted its recommendations to the NHH Board.

With the creation of the CAP, NHH extended its “Shared Challenge, Shared Solution” collaborative budget strategy to include public input. For more on this strategy, please click here to link to the related media release on our site.

The CAP provided advice to the Hospital’s Board of Directors to assist in developing a contingency plan for balancing the budget through changes in services in the event the Hospital is unable to balance its operating budget through other means. The final meeting of the CAP took place on December 5, 2009 and the CAP report was delivered to the Board in January 2010.

In March 2010 the NHH Board completed its deliberations and decision-making in preparation for a balanced budget for 2010/11 and 2011/12. The NHH Board was informed by various stakeholders’ perspectives, including those put forward by the Citizens’ Advisory Panel.

The collaborative approach was developed using the public input received from the Hospital’s April 2009 telephone survey regarding community engagement preferences. Download the full results of this community consultation phone survey by clicking here.

Download the CAP's final report by clicking here.


For further information on NHH’s Shared Challenge, Shared Solution strategy, and more recent community engagement activities, please contact:

Jennifer Gillard
Senior Director, Public Affairs and Strategic Partnerships
Office Phone: (905) 377-7757