The Panel Program

Panel Program Overview

Guided by the Panel’s Moderator, Lynda Kay, a team of facilitators from MASS LBP, and health system experts, the CAP will: develop a Decision Making Framework for Service Prioritization; apply the Framework in determining which services are “core” and “non-core” for purposes of providing strategic direction to the Hospital; apply the Framework to develop contingency plan models / scenarios; provide advice on potential service integration strategies for Hospital services with other health service providers; and provide a final report to the Board of Directors outlining the Panel’s advice and recommendations.

The program prepared to support the Panel in fulfilling this responsibility is set out below, with links to copies of key presentations delivered.

Please visit the SCSS e-Bulletins page to download summaries of each session in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required.

DAY 1, October 24: Understanding the Situational Context

On Day 1, the Panelists will meet fellow Panel members, the President and CEO of the Hospital and the Citizens’ Advisory Panel (CAP) facilitation team.

DAY 2, November 7: Learning about the Hospital Today

Day 2 will provide a behind-the-scenes look at how our Hospital functions with a tour of the facility.

DAY 3, November 14: Hearing from the Community

Day 3 will provide an opportunity to hear from the wider public.

DAY 4, November 28: Identifying Options

On Day 4, the Panelists will hear from different health service providers who work alongside the Hospital in our health care system, including physicians, the Central East Community Care Access Centre, and others.

DAY 5, December 5: Providing Recommendations

On our last session, Day 5, the Panelists will work to refine and improve the plan, and prepare a series of recommendations.