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Panel Members

The participants of NHH’s first Citizens’ Advisory Panel, listed alphabetically by each of the three regions or wards that make up the Hospital’s catchment area, are as follows:

Ward 1

Robert Berry

David Bradshaw

Becky Brown

Don McKenzie

Heather McKeown

Sue Speirs

Phil Taylor

Barb von Boetticher

Teresa Williams

Elaine West

Ward 2

Kathleen Boulter

Matthew Dwyer

Randal Hunt

Mohammad Kundan

Ron Linton

Yatinkumar Patel

David Patterson*

Madge Pedersen

Pat Stanley

Wendy Tomlinson

Ward 3

Kathy Anderson

Margo Harnden

David Hickey

Andrew Holt

Frank Mastinsek

Richard O'Toole*

Tom Parks*

Herman Van der Veen

Ward 1 = Municipality of Port Hope
Ward 2 = Town of Cobourg
Ward 3 = Townships of Hamilton, Alnwick/Haldimand and Cramahe