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NHH Auxiliary

Who We Are

The smile that greets you at the door; the wheelchair driver from the Day Surgery clinic to your car; the comforting voice in the Emergency Department; the cheerful presence as you wait for your MRI; the one who helps you decide from the bounty in the Little Treasure Shop; the ever helpful men and women at Petticoat Lane... all of these and more are the faces of NHH volunteers.

NHH is the proud home of one of the most active hospital auxiliaries in the province. The Auxiliary's mission is to provide effective and compassionate assistance to visitors, staff and patients, in an environment that promotes the dignity and wellbeing of all. For over 100 years we have been helping to deliver quality health care in west Northumberland.

With 250 active members of all ages, the NHH Auxiliary is growing, contributing thousands of hours of service to the hospital each year. 

Current Executive:

President: Selena Forsyth

Vice President: Rick Riley

(Past President) Member at Large: Brenda Worsnop

Director, Finance: Richard Holland

Director, Business Services: Derrick Cunningham

Director at Large: Susan Spicer

Director at Large: Vacant

NHH Liaison:

VP, Patient Experience, Public Affairs and Strategic Partnerships: Jennifer Gillard (non-voting member)

Interim Manager, Volunteers: Keri Campbell (non-voting member)


Service Areas

Marg Hillborn - Plant Sale

The following are service areas and other opportunities available to volunteers.

Ambulatory Care:


Day Surgery Volunteers

Inpatient Care/Program Support:

volunteers from Petticoat Lane


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