Patient and Family Advisory Council

Northumberland Hills Hospital’s Patient and Family Advisory Council was formed in December 2016 following a public call for interest. Since then, the Council's work has expanded steadily. Now active in three ways (as equal partners on all of NHH's core Quality and Practice Committees, on departmental assignments, and on special projects that are both corporate and PFAC-driven) the PFAC--guided by a co-designed vision and purpose--is a key part of decision making throughout the hospital, working to continuously improve the experience of individuals who receive care at NHH, and their families.

PFAC 2023
From left to right: NHH PFAC partners David Harnden, Bonnie McKee (inaugural chair), Ann Dobby, Katie Conti, Judy McLean, Irene Kavanagh, Lisa van der Vinne, Liane Covert and Jennifer Gillard (VP, Patient Experience, Public Affairs and Strategic Partners).


"To influence and be a part of decision making throughout Northumberland HIlls Hospital (NHH), in a manner that reflects NHH's core values of integrity, quality, respect, compassion and teamwork, for the purpose of continuously improving the experience of individuals who receive care at NHH and their families."


"To integrate patient and/or family perspectives into NHH decision making through Patient and Family Advisor representation on selected quality and practice committees as well as ad hoc program and issue-specific opportunities across the organization, learning together as we go and adjusting our approach as required."

Patient and Family Advisory Council Members

Terms of Reference and Role Description

PFAC Terms of Reference

PFAC Role Description

Expressions of Interest

PFAC volunteers typically serve for a minimum of one and maximum of three years. Expressions of Interest to join the PFAC are welcomed at any time, with intake of new Advisors occurring as opportunities become available. Please review the information below, and contact our Public Affairs office directly at 905-377-7757 if you have further questions.

PFAC Expression of Interest Form

PFAC Frequently Asked Questions