Registration now open for the next virtual conversation in the Northumberland PACE Speakers Series, ‘How to Slow your PACE of Aging’

Greg Macpherson, NHH PACE Talk graphic

The Northumberland PACE Speakers Series will host its next virtual conversation, ‘How to Slow your PACE of Aging,’ on Thursday, November 30 with guest speaker Greg Macpherson, founder of Science Research Wellness (SRW) Laboratories, a next-generation nutraceutical company in Auckland, New Zealand.

Moderated by local physician Dr. Anuja Sharma, an internal medicine specialist and co-founder of IM Care, the November talk will combine Dr. Sharma’s interest in wellness and health, with the pharmacological perspectives of Greg Macpherson to offer what promises to be another interesting virtual event on a topic of interest to many.

A pharmacist, biotechnologist, futurist, and founder of SRW Laboratories, Greg pioneers holistic nutraceuticals aimed to empower individuals to optimize their cellular health as they age.

Greg's passion for overcoming health challenges began with his early career as a pharmacist. Over the last 10 years, he has spent thousands of hours researching cellular aging and meeting with global anti-aging experts to slowly unpack the reasons our cells age.

Recently, his company SRW Laboratories partnered with a drug discovery company, Insilico Medicine, to harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify natural products that modulate the aging process.

In 2020, Greg became a published author with Harnessing the Nine Hallmarks of Aging, which simplifies the latest science behind why we age, making the knowledge that has come from these breakthroughs accessible to all.

Greg’s virtual discussion will explore important questions about the process of aging, including “Why do we age?”, “Why do some people age slower than others?”,

“Is there anything proven to slow aging and if yes, by how much?”, “What can I do to slow the aging of joints, skin, hair, hearing, and vision?”, and “When is it too late to do anything about aging?”

“During our conversation, we will examine factors that play a significant role in either expediting or delaying the process of aging,” said Greg Macpherson. “We will also explore what we understand about aging and how we can extend our own health span.”

As is standard within the PACE Talk format, questions from the audience will also be addressed. These questions may be pre-submitted by emailing prior to November 30, 2023, or time permitting, posed live during the event itself.

Since 2018, The Northumberland PACE partners have been hosting free public education sessions on a broad range of health and wellness topics and have consistently drawn large groups of community members with a variety of questions and perspectives.

Lasting an hour in length, each PACE talk consists of a 30-minute talk, a 20-minute question-and-answer period with the guest speaker(s) and a short moderator summary.

Bring your questions, your suggestions, and your experience and join in what is expected to be another informative discussion on a topic chosen by previous PACE attendees!

Pre-registration is required, and space is limited to the first 300 registered attendees. This event is hosted through Zoom, and attendees are asked to login to the event 5 minutes prior to the start. Register for ‘‘How to slow your PACE of Aging” today at, where you’ll also find recordings from many of the previous seasons’ talks prepared by student partners from Loyalist College.

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