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Exploring a Caregiver’s Perspective on Caring for Loved Ones at Home During the Next Virtual PACE Talk

The Northumberland PACE Talk series will return virtually for the second time this season to explore the topic of Caring for Loved Ones at Home… A Caregiver’s Perspective. This virtual PACE conversation will take place through Zoom on Wednesday, August 19 at 5:30 PM with guest speaker William (Bill) Prawecki.

Bill and his wife, Lorrain, have been residents of Cobourg since 2002 and have first-hand experience of caring for a loved one in their home. In 2013, their son, Alexander, was diagnosed with cancer and underwent numerous radiation and chemotherapy treatments before his cancer went into remission that fall. Sadly, the following spring, they were told Alexander’s cancer had returned and he was given merely months to live. He chose to remain with his parents at home for the remainder of his life, and his parents describe this remaining time with Alexander as a blessing.

Today, Bill is a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC) at Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) and shares his experience to help others navigate the health system and understand what this type of journey entails. During this informative PACE talk, Bill will share details of his family’s journey in caring for Alexander, the changes and efforts they made to ensure he was as comfortable as possible, and the tools that helped them along the way.

Beginning in 2018, The Northumberland PACE talks have been hosted as free public education sessions on a broad range of health and wellness topics and have consistently drawn large groups of community members with a range of questions and perspectives. Like many other events, The Northumberland PACE Talk series was forced to postpone part of the 2019/20 season, cancelling previously scheduled in-person talks for March, April, and May, as a result of COVID-19. This will be the second talk in the series that has been hosted in this new, virtual format.

Lasting an hour in length, each PACE event consists of a 30-minute talk, a 20-minute question-and-answer period with the guest speaker and a 10-minute moderator summary. The virtual PACE talk will follow this same format.

Bring your questions, your suggestions and your experience and join in what is expected to be another informative discussion.

Pre-registration is required and space is limited to the first 300 registered attendees. As this event is being hosted through Zoom, attendees will need a Zoom account, internet access, and should plan to login to the event 5 minutes prior to the start. Register for the Caring for Loved Ones at Home… A Caregiver’s Perspective session today at, where you’ll also find video and highlights from many of the previous seasons’ talks. For those unable to attend, efforts will be made to share a recording of this conversation following the event, technology permitting.

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