Judy McLean

Maternal/Child Program Quality and Practice Committee

A resident of Baltimore, Ontario, Judy’s experiences have allowed her to view patient care from multiple departments within the hospital as both a patient and a caregiver.

Judy joined the Maternal / Child Quality and Practice Committee in August, 2022 but volunteering has always been a big part of her life. In fact, her first volunteer experience was when she was 14 years old at North York General Hospital. She loved the hospital experience and the opportunity to help people directly. Since that time at North York General Judy has volunteered her time and experience with many local organizations in Northumberland including the NHH Foundation’s Caring for Generations Committee. As a grandmother she jumped at the opportunity to serve as the PFAC partner on NHH’s busy Maternal/Child program, thinking, quite rightly, that a grandmother’s view would be a rich addition to the consideration of patient and family experience and continuous quality improvement.

The Restorative Care program has also benefitted from Judy’s input and feedback following her mother’s care several years ago, a positive experience that brought Judy’s story to the NHH Board to share her experience from the perspective of a family caregiver.

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