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Quality and Safety

NHH Quality and Safety Framework

Quality patient care is the top priority for every member of the NHH team and, as such, we are committed to transparency and continuous improvement. At NHH, "Quality" means providing service excellence to our patients and the community. Click here for information on Northumberland Hills Hospital’s Quality and Safety Framework.

NHH Quality Improvement Plan

In June, 2010, the Ontario Government passed the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA). One of the ways that ECFAA seeks to help hospitals meet their community's expectations regarding quality, patient safety and accountability is through the public reporting of Quality Improvement Plans. For NHH, the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) is a meaningful way for us to clearly articulate our accountability to our community, patients and staff.

The Quality and Safety Committee of the Board, NHH administration, physicians, other health care professionals and patient/family advisors work together to develop annual QIPs for NHH and monitor progress.

Our QIP is made up of two parts:

  1. a narrative section providing an overview of our hospital's top quality improvement priorities for the year and how they align with the hospital's strategic directions; and
  2. a spreadsheet detailing specific improvement targets and initiatives.

2019/20 Quality Improvement Plan

Click here for further background on Ontario's Excellent Care for All Act and the Quality Improvement Plan process.

Quality and Safety Performance Monitoring

The QIP is only one of the ways NHH is working to ensure quality patient care. Detailed information on a broad range of indicators is also reported to the public on a quarterly basis through the NHH Board of Directors. Again, the indicators that are monitored reflect the strategic directions of the organization:

In addition, NHH has joined with other hospitals across Ontario to further enhance public reporting through the sharing of selected quality indicators here on NHH's web site and through other public sites. Of particular interest is our performance against the spread of certain antibiotic-resistant infections which have emerged in recent years. For background on what NHH is doing to minimize the spread of nosocomial (hospital-acquired) and other infections present in the community, click here to read NHH's Quality Indicators of Nosocmial Infections.

Public reporting of consistent indicators, using a common methodology, allows hospitals to work with a standardized reporting approach across the province, establish a common baseline and—most important—provide the opportunity to monitor performance over time. Public reporting is not intended to serve as a measure for comparing hospitals. Each hospital has its own unique environment, services and patient population.

Other Quality and Safety Reports

NHH’s performance with regard to quality and safety is also tracked in the following provincial websites and reports and through the cyclical Accreditation Canada review process:

For more information, contact Jennifer Gillard at 905-377-7757 or