Patient and caregiver feedback welcomed through new Patient Experience Measurement Survey at Northumberland Hills Hospital

Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) is introducing a new Patient Experience Measurement Survey throughout the hospital and Community Mental Health offices that invites input from the perspective of both patients and caregivers.

Co-designed by an interdisciplinary working group consisting of staff and Patient and Family Advisory Council partners, the Patient Experience Measurement Survey will provide insight into how NHH’s patient and caregiver experience is measuring up against expectations and hospital commitments.

The first step in a larger process as the hospital transitions from a hard-copy survey process administered by mail through a third party, the new approach brings the opportunity for real-time input as well as input through a range of methods, electronic and hard copy, personal and hospital-owned.

“With our new Survey tool, our teams are seeking to better understand our strengths and potential areas for improvement through the lens of those we serve,” said Susan Walsh, President and CEO. “Thanks to the valuable input of Patient and Family Advisory Council partners, we can focus on asking questions that are relevant and important to patients, caregivers, and their journeys through the different care pathways at NHH.”

The Survey consists of nine questions and encourages feedback pertaining to the quality of care and experience received while at NHH. All input received will be secured, summarized, and shared with program and hospital leaders to support continuous quality improvement.

Survey participants will remain anonymous, as names are not being collected. Individual responses will therefore be confidential and only shared in combination with the responses of others to identify trends and areas for further evaluation/improvement/discussion/etc.

When fully rolled out, patients and their caregivers will be encouraged to complete the Survey at the bedside, on the hospital website and in key waiting areas using a QR code link.

For those without access to the Survey through their own technology, iPads will be available. Hard-copy surveys will also be provided in key waiting areas.

If you or someone you care for receives care at NHH, please consider sharing feedback on your experience through this new Survey tool. Click on the link at any time on the hospital website here: Patient and Caregiver Experience Survey

View/download the news release pdf