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Health system stakeholders partner on a readiness assessment to form an Ontario Health Team for Northumberland

Building on a strong history of collaboration to deliver coordinated care for the community, health system stakeholders in Northumberland are partnering on an application to form an Ontario Health Team (OHT).

The provincial government has introduced OHTs as a new model of health care delivery, intended to improve the coordination of care and services. The government’s vision is to better connect the health system by bringing together patients/residents, families, communities, providers and system leaders as one team, to deliver a coordinated continuum of care to people in a defined geographic area. The members of this team, even if in different organizations or physical locations, will work together toward common goals for strengthening local services. 

In response to the government’s April 2019 call for applications to form an OHT, local health system stakeholders have established an Ontario Health Team of Northumberland Collaborative Planning Committee to submit the required self-assessment by May 15th. This Planning Committee currently includes:

Based on a review of all submissions, the Ministry of Health will be inviting those that demonstrate a high level of readiness to move forward with a more detailed application, due by mid-July. Should the initial application to form an OHT for Northumberland be successful, the Planning Committee will engage the broader local health and social care community, and the people served, to carry the process forward together.

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