COVID-19 outbreak on NHH’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit (1A)— Regular visiting temporarily paused in this area of the hospital

A COVID-19 outbreak has been declared in Northumberland Hills Hospital’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit (1A) after three patients have tested positive.

Visiting continues as usual outside the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit unless patients are in isolation for COVID-19 infection or exposure. Limited exceptions are made for COVID-19 positive patients on discussion with Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) staff and the care team including, for example, those at imminent end-of-life.

The following is a summary of the infection prevention and control measures in place at NHH:

Masking remains a shared responsibility to mitigate spread

As a high-risk setting, masking continues to remain in place throughout clinical and patient care areas in hospital and NHH’s Community Mental Health offices. Visitors have access to free masks on entry and are expected to keep their medical-grade mask on at all times (or over top of their personal cloth mask) while inside, unless eating or drinking in designated areas. No eating or drinking is permitted by visitors in patient rooms, due to the fact that masks would need to be removed.

For details on NHH’s Visiting Guidelines and expectations, including options and answers to other Frequently Asked Questions, please see our website. Updates on NHH’s COVID-19 status will continue to be communicated through the hospital’s website and related social media channels. Community outbreak information will be found on the HKPRDHU’s Respiratory Diseases Dashboard, which provides a high-level assessment of local respiratory virus activity.

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