NHH COVID-19 Visitor Policy and Related Resources

Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) recognizes that visitor and family presence is integral to patient safety, the healing process, the patient’s medical and psychological well-being, comfort and quality of life.

While NHH offered an open visiting policy prior to the global pandemic, traffic within the hospital remains  restricted at this time to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and help keep patients, the healthcare team and visitors safe.

Our aim is to strike an appropriate balance between access to loved ones and safety for all involved. Sincere gratitude goes out to patients and visitors alike for the continued cooperation to ensure visiting can continue at NHH as safely as possible. We will monitor the situation closely, and update our policy as required.

Below are six key points to keep in mind when visiting a loved one at NHH today:

  • One visitor/essential caregiver per admitted inpatient is permitted each day
  • Exceptions to the number of visitors (i.e. more than one visitor) may be made for patients who are palliative or end-of-life, at the discretion of the care team
  • Visitors must be over the age of 16
  • It is the responsibility of each patient (or their substitute decision maker) to select who they wish their in-person visitor/essential caregiver to be, and communicate that wish to the rest of their family/social circle in advance of arrival to avoid people having to be turned away at the entrance–if a patient wishes to have different individuals visit them or support them during the course of their stay, then they should plan in advance the day that each will come in
  • Effective October 19, visiting hours will be extended to 12 hours/day (from 4 hours/day), 8AM to 8PM. Note: a temporary visitor restriction is in place on 2A medical/surgical unit, effective October 20. See details here.

Exceptions to the visiting hours noted above will be applicable to ‘essential caregivers’ only, specifically: patients who are palliative or end-of-life; a support for a delivering mother; a parent/guardian of a child; or, a caregiver deemed essential for an individual with a specific need, at the discretion of the care team.

For more information, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please click below:

NHH News Release Visitor and Family Presence Update Effective Oct 19 2020

Frequently Asked Questions COVID 19 Visitor Policy

NHH COVID 19 Visitor Policy

NHH Universal Masking Policy

Virtual visiting appointments continue to be available Monday through Friday. These may be requested by either patients or by their family members or friends. Phone appointments are also available on request.

Those interested in requesting a Virtual Visiting appointment with an individual admitted to NHH can contact the hospital’s Virtual Visiting Team at 905-372-6811 ext. 3146 or send an email to virtualconnections@nhh.ca and include their preferred contact information, as well as the unit, room number and initials of the patient they would like to connect with (note: to protect patient privacy, the patient’s full name should not be included in the email).

For more information and a list of FAQ's, please click the button below to visit the Virtual Visiting page:

Virtual Visits

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Visiting Guidelines

Northumberland Hills Hospital encourages visits from family and friends throughout our patients' healing process. We know that having loved ones nearby while in hospital makes patients more comfortable and speeds up their recovery.

NHH does not restrict visiting to certain times of the day or evening. Through the Visiting Guidelines provided below, we list certain requirements, particularly related to entry/exit after hours. We thank all visitors for their appreciation of our need to strike the right balance between visiting and the healing process and, further, to protect all patients' rights to privacy and confidentiality. NHH reserves the right to limit, restrict or deny patient visitation based on the needs of the patients or the organization.

Visiting Guidelines at a Glance

Evening and night hour visiting requirements (8:00 PM to 6:00 AM)

Emergency Department (ED) visiting requirements

Due to space restrictions with the ED, the number of visitors may be limited based on patient and department needs. At all times, visitors to the ED will:

All visitors are expected to be respectful of the rights and property of other patients, visitors and staff of the hospital. If you have questions or feedback regarding NHH's Visiting Guidelines, please contact NHH's Public Affairs office at 905-377-7757.