Strategic Plan Framework

The journey to refresh NHH's Strategic Plan was completed in October 2022, thanks to a successful collaborative process coordinated by a 23-member multidisciplinary team called the Strategic Planning Collaborative Action Team (SPCAT).

Launched in February 2022 and co-led by President and CEO Susan Walsh and NHH's Board Chair at the time, Pam Went, the SPCAT included senior leadership, representatives from NHH's Board of Directors (including Community Members of the Board), Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) partners, physicians, and other front-line care providers drawn from acute and post-acute services, as well as members of the NHH Foundation and the NHH Auxiliary. Forced by the pandemic to connect mainly in a virtual environment, SPCAT members met regularly to analyze qualitative and quantitate data, make meaning of clinical, demographic and socieconomic data, and explore ideas.

A unique part of the SPCAT's 2022 strategic planning process was the opportunity to align community consultation with the Ontario Health Team of Northumberland (OHT-N)'s regional strategic planning process, collaborating on external engagement to identify, at a high-level, the health and well-being priorities as experienced by area residents and service providers.

This collaboration offered a chance to hear, at a County-wide level, the local health and well-being priorities from a patient and partner perspective, while also cross-sharing information to inform and align multiple strategic plans.

Anchored around the acronym CARE, and grounded in a new shared purpose of 'People First,' NHH is now guided forward by four strategic priorities: 

Associated with each priority is a set of objections which will be further detailed at a program and unit level in the days and months ahead.

NHH's long-standing core values--quality, integrity, respect, teamwork and compassion--were reaffirmed as the values that will continue to guide our work moving forward.

Please click the links below to see our Strategic Plan Framework in several forms:

Progress will be monitored and measured with the support of quality and safety indicator tools, such as our corporate Quality Improvement Plan, the work plans of our Quality and Practice Committees and the individual work plans of teams and staff throughout the organization, with regular reporting through to the Board of Directors.