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Current Strategic Plan

Northumberland Hills Hospital's new Strategic Plan lays out a roadmap for the sustainability of NHH as an efficient, high-quality community hospital with growing linkages between local and regional partners to further strengthen local patient care.

Click below to download the current strategic plan in several forms:

Rooted in a re-affirmed service mandate and shared purpose - Exceptional patient care. Every time - the Plan contains an updated set of five core values reflecting input from internal and external stakeholders alike, namely integrity, quality, respect, compassion and teamwork.

To achieve this shared purpose, the Plan sets out four distinct Strategic Objectives that will guide the hospital team over the next four years:

Associated with each Objective is a set of priorities or actions which will be further detailed at a program and unit level in the days and months ahead. Progress will be monitored and measured for each with the support of quality and safety indictor tools such as the corporate Quality Improvement Plan, the work plans of Quality and Practice Committees and the individual work plans of staff and leaders throughout the organization, with regular reporting through to the Board of Directors.

Launched more than six months ago, NHH’s most recent strategic planning process, branded “Creating Our Future Together” was the first full process for the hospital in six years. Determined to solicit input from many different perspectives, the 2017/18-2020/21 process used a range of techniques including community conversations, focus groups, print and hard copy surveys and face-to-face meetings to gather input from close to 650 individuals, groups and organizations. As a result, the final Plan reflects stakeholder perspectives from across the community served, funders and community partners as well as the staff, physicians, volunteers and donors responsible for the Plan’s implementation.

Supported by three “strategic enablers” (technology, communication and education) NHH’s new Strategic Plan will guide the hospital over the coming years.