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Katie Conti

Maternal/Child, Northumberland PACE, Communications/Community Engagement Planning and more!

Maternal/Child was Katie's primary program of focus when she joined PFAC in January 2018, with a special focus on the Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI). Since then she has expended her focus to include the Northumberland PACE speakers' series and, in 2022, our Joint Communication and Community Engagement Working Group, supporting internal and external communication, as well as ambulatory care program planning and flow, particularly our COVID-19 Clinical Assessment Centre (CAS).

Katie grew up in Port Hope before moving away to attend McGill University. After earning degrees in Commerce and Education, she began her career in Toronto. The birth of her son brought Katie and her husband, Brendan, back to Cobourg to raise their family. Since then they have also welcomed a baby girl.

The experience of navigating pregnancy, giving birth to her children, becoming a mother and caring for her children provided Katie with a great respect for the journey of motherhood so she was very excited when she saw a call for interest to participate on a special project within the maternity ward at NHH. Prior to the pandemic she supporting the work of the Baby-Friendly Initiative (BFI) committee, providing a new mother's (and community member's) perspective to this community project. Her involvement at NHH has expanded, as noted above, and she has brought the patient/caregiver voice to many NHH planning and quality improvement tables, including community engagement, COVID-19 services and visiting. 

Katie and her immediate family have received care from a number of different departments at NHH, including the Emergency Department, surgical services, ambulatory care, and maternal/child care. She has also has elderly relatives as inpatients at the hospital. Together these experiences have allowed her to view patient care from many angles within the hospital as both patient and caregiver and now brings that experience back to the team.

"It is rewarding to be able to provide the patient voice, in order to help benefit and design our local hospital services, but also to know that healthcare workers at NHH are interested in listening to that voice. I am hopeful our contributions have helped improve the experience of others here at our local  hospital." - Katie Conti

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