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Katie Conti

Baby Friendly Initiative

Katie grew up in Port Hope before moving away to attend McGill University. After earning her Bachelor of Commerce, and later a Bachelor of Education, she began her career in Toronto. The birth of her son brought her and her husband, Brendan, back to Cobourg to raise their children. Since then she and her family have also welcomed a baby girl.

The experience of navigating pregnancy, giving birth to her children, becoming a mother and caring for an infant provided Katie with a great respect for the journey of motherhood. So she was very excited when she saw a call for interest to participate on

a special project within the maternity ward at Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH). She now sits on the Baby-Friendly Initiative (BFI) committee providing a new mother’s (and community member’s) perspective as the project is implemented.

As part of sitting on the BFI committee, Katie is also a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council.

Katie and her immediate family have received care from a number of different departments at NHH. In the past year Katie’s husband has had to undergo emergency surgery, she has visited the ambulatory care department, she has given birth to her daughter and, although her children are still quite young, she has already made several trips to the emergency room! Furthermore, in the past she has had elderly relatives as inpatients at the hospital. Together these experiences have allowed her to view patient care from multiple departments within the hospital as both the patient and caregiver. Katie has been volunteering in these roles at NHH since January, 2018.

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