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Bill Prawecki

Cancer and Support Care Quality and Practice Committee

Bill Prawecki and his wife Lorrain have been residents of Cobourg for over 16 years. Bill retired in 2011 from the Bank of Montreal. At the time of his retirement he was a Senior Project Manager and had managed a number of major key initiatives at the Bank over many years. Once retired Bill was able to complete a number of projects at home, spend more time helping friends with their renovation projects, enjoy gardening and photography as well as be involved with the Cobourg Horticultural Society both as Director and Vice-President.

In the fall of 2013 Bill and Lorrain were informed that their only son Alexander had been diagnosed with a form of cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. With radiation and chemotherapy he was told in late 2013 that the cancer was in remission. Sadly in the spring of 2014 the cancer not only returned but had advanced and Alex was only given months to live. Alex chose to remain with his parents at their home till his battle with cancer ended on August 11, 2014. Having Alex at home for the remainder of his life was not only a blessing to Alex, Bill and Lorrain but it also provided Bill and Lorrain with their first-hand experience of our health system. Much was learned by Alex’s “end of life journey” by his parents and it was time for Bill to give back. 

Bill applied and was selected as a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) in 2016.  He currently participates in the Cancer and Supportive Care Quality and Practice Committee, providing his feedback and making contributions to the team. Bill has also volunteered his time to also engage in other initiatives within NHH. Bill’s goal as a member of PFAC has been to share his experiences as a parent with the local health care team and also to add value by bringing an outside perspective and view to the staff at NHH thus hopefully improving the experience of both patients and family members at NHH.

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